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2010 - Age30 a new mum, 5 stone over weight, unhappy with body, baby blues.

2023 - Age 42, best shape of my life, although perimenopausal!


From adolescence to adulthood being unable to control my weight, trying every fad diet, shake and pill, not eating right, too much wine and not enough exercise and a pregnancy that saw me gain 5 stone ( yes eating for 2 I took literally!)  left me fed up and miserable after childbirth, Mentally and physically fed up, change was desperately needed.

Age 34 I found a love for strength training and taught myself how to eat better and lift, Age 35 I took part in a white collar boxing match and fell in love with the sport, going on to compete at amateur level until I was 39 then one further fight at 40 at a semi professional level. In this time I also became a qualified England boxing coach.

At the beginning of lockdown I realised helping other women was what I wanted to do, I knew there were 1,000's out there that have had the same struggles as me and not known how to get out and started.

So at the ripe old age of 38 with a wealth of knowledge from my failures and successes behind me I retrained over the next 2  years as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and weight management coach.

I have helped 100's of women over the years learn to eat better, train better, develop a better mindset, improve confidence levels and just learn to love themselves that little bit more.

No woman should ever feel worthless or disgusted with the reflection staring back at them, It takes a lot of hard work on your side but with the right guidance and support from myself so much is possible.

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