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Online or In Person coaching

What type of coaching would best suit you?


In person coaching

Work with me face to face at Trident Fitness, Leeds.

Depending on the goal you have in mind and the package you choose I work with you, developing a tailored training program to aid excess energy burn, that will also firm and sculpt your body.

A personalised nutritional breakdown will also be created, to help you reach your desired body goal whether that be fat loss or muscle gain.  Help and guidance will be provided throughout to make sure you fully understand how to make the correct food choices for life.

Online Coaching

Work with me online, any where in the world at any time of the day! I offer a range of packages to suit most pockets, and can adapt programs to whether you are working out at home or in a gym.

Full nutritional support can also be provided throughout. 

online coaching sanchia suffield personal training

Nutritional coaching
 &Training programs

Are you walking into the gym and floating from one piece of equipment to another and getting no where with muscle or strength gains? 

Let me create you a structured and effective training program that will get you results.

Equally if you are needing someone to hold you accountable, educate you on foods and habit building all rolled into a quality food tracking app complete with meal plans and recipes, you can find that here too!

App dashboard for Sanchia Suffield PT
Workout layout sample for sanchia suffield pt app
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