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Have a read of what just a small handful of my clients have to say about their experiences of working with me.

Why did you decide to choose me as your personal trainer?

When I first met you, you seemed down to earth and realistic. You’re really honest.

What have you achieved since working with me? ( weight loss/body confidence/knowledge etc)

I feel confident to go into the gym on my own, which I’ve never really been despite being a member of many gyms for many years. I have the knowledge to use so many weights etc that I wouldn’t have touched before. I’ve got a new confidence and pride in my body, and excited to see how strong I can get.

What do you like best about the way I coach you and what would you say to any women considering getting started with me?

I would 100% recommend you! You’re just ‘real’. You’re never judgemental or preachy, just share knowledge. And you understand that life is a bit ‘messy’ and just want us all to do the best we can.



Sanchia suffield personal training body transformation
Sanchia suffield personal training body transformation big loss
New client 4 week check in
6 month fat loss result - over 2 stone lost
Body recompososition
6 week client progress
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